Announcing our new program: CitizenFEST!


Build a stronger culture of citizenship

That’s the goal of the programs we run. Citizen University works with a national array of partners to help Americans cultivate the values, systems knowledge, and skills of effective citizenship.

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circulating power

CitizenFEST is a series of free festive summits on how to exercise civic power in three communities across the country. At each CitizenFEST, we’ll teach the skills and values of powerful citizenship, bringing our unique brand of art, creativity, and communal ritual. And we’ll invite groups often cut out of civic clout. This is a time when our country needs more people to show up in more places to practice power in more ways. Join us!


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Eric Liu

Founder & CEO

I am the son of immigrants from China. As a second-generation American I am deeply conscious of the opportunities – and obligations – that come with my citizenship. That’s why all the work I do as a writer, educator, and civic entrepreneur is dedicated to making sure this country lives up to the promise of its creed.

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