Fellowship and Common Purpose

Civic Saturday

Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to a faith gathering: a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. But it’s not about church religion or synagogue or mosque religion. It’s about American civic religion—the creed of liberty, equality, and self-government that truly unites us. At Civic Saturday, we gather, we sing, we share readings of American civic scripture, we hear poetry, stories and a civic sermon. It is free and open to all.

Civic Saturday began in Seattle, and this year, is expanding to cities across the country. See the full list of dates below!

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Attend Civic Saturday
Past Sermons

There are three ways to attend Civic Saturday:

(1) Come to a gathering in Seattle
(2) Join us at one of our 8 partner events in cities across the country
(3) Attend a Seminary-led Civic Saturday, organized by our incredible cohort of “Civic Seminarians” who are bringing the movement to their home communities.


Seattle Dates 

National Dates   

Civic Seminarian Dates 

April 28
January 20: New York, NY
Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater
April 28: Indianapolis, IN
Glendale Library
June 2
El Centro de la Raza
March 31: Nashville, TN
The Basement East
May 5: Phoenix, AZ
August 4
Hillman City Collaboratory
May 5: Des Moines, IA
Grand View University
May 26: Chicago, IL
October 20
Fremont Abbey
June 23: Atlanta, GA June 16: Pinehurst, NC
Dec 8
Impact HUB Seattle
Sep 29: Portland, ME
Portland Public Library
June 30: Georgetown, TX
Nov 10: Los Angeles, CA
Skirball Cultural Center
July 7: Portland, OR
Aug 11: Washington, DC
Aug 18: Chicago, IL
Sep 8: Washington, DC
Sep 29: St. Petersburg, FL
Oct 27: Nashville, TN
Nov 3: Cookeville, TN
Nov 3: Ellensburg, WA
Nov 17: Athens, TN

Information will be updated as it becomes available, so check back often!

Faith In Each Other 11/8/18
Los Angeles, CA

It’s A Free Country 10/20/18
Seattle, WA

The Trails and Paths of Conscience 9/29/18
Portland, ME

Reading Our Country 8/4/18
Seattle, WA

Too Busy to Love 6/23/18
Atlanta, GA

Are We Enough? 6/2/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

A Test of Our Citizenship 5/5/18
Des Moines, IA

Time Travel 4/28/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

Become America 3/31/18
Nashville, TN

Which Dream Do You Dream? 2/3/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

The Citizen Artist 1/20/18
New York, NY

A Practicing Citizen 12/16/17
Seattle, WA

A Thanksgiving Recipe 11/18/17
Seattle, WA

Gratitude, Luck, Risk 10/1/17
Seattle, WA

Still More Perfect 9/16/17
New York, NY

Fear and Hoarding 6/17/17
Seattle, WA

Legitimate Doubts 5/20/17
Seattle, WA ~ Listen here

A Great Awakening 4/8/17
Seattle, WA ~ Listen here

Where Is America? 2/4/17
Seattle, WA

Alternate Realities 1/14/17
Seattle, WA

If We Can Keep It 12/17/16
Seattle, WA

Present at the Creation 11/26/16
Seattle, WA

A Divided Heart 11/12/16
Seattle, WA


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