CitizenFEST is a festive learning summit on how to exercise civic power, held in three communities across the country. Activists, artists, and everyday citizens come together for a unique blend of art, creativity, and the concrete skills of effective change-making. Our country needs more people to show up in more places to practice power in more ways. Join us!

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How do you get your voice heard? How do you change a rigged system? How do you stir others out of apathy or connect with those with whom you disagree? We’ll tackle these questions and more in a day and a half of skill-building workshops, artistic performances, and deep community conversations. Participants will leave with practical strategies of civic power to apply in their own work, new connections with community members, and new ideas and inspiration for the work at hand.




May 11-12: New Orleans, LA

in partnership with the Family Independence Initiative


September 7-8: Dallas, TX

in partnership with the Embrey Family Foundation


October 12-13: Memphis, TN

in partnership with The Fourth Bluff


While all three CitizenFEST gatherings have already taken place, check out our other programs to see how you can get involved.