Fellowship and Common Purpose

Civic Saturday

In a time of deep anxiety, disconnectedness, and political polarization, people need a place to come together in civic community—in a room face-to-face—to reflect on and rededicate ourselves to the values and practices of being a contributing member of civic life in the United States. 

Civic Saturday is a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to nurture a spirit of shared purpose. At the gathering we reflect and connect around the values and practices of being an active citizen, reckon with and reflect on our nation’s creed, and build civic fellowship to create new civic traditions that are joyful and communal.

Civic Saturday began in Seattle, and now is in over 30 cities across the country. Learn more about upcoming gatherings below!

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Seattle Civic Saturday
National Civic Saturday
Past Sermons

Attend Civic Saturday in Seattle

December 7 • Town Hall

Check back for more information and to RSVP!

*Led by a Civic Seminarian, not Citizen University directly

Artist in Residence

Citizen University has welcomed the first ever Artists in Residence to Civic Saturday in Seattle.

Naa Akua, Poet in Residence, has joined the Civic Saturday team. They will be bringing their talent as an artist to the gatherings and leading groups of community members to further spark civic thought and reflection.

National Civic Saturdays

Citizen University is taking Civic Saturday on the road!

November 16 • Oklahoma City, OK
In partnership with Mayor David Holt, Let’s Fix This, and Generation Citizen.

Partner Civic Saturdays

Citizen University trains civic catalysts from around the country to prepare them to start their own Civic Saturdays where they live and work.

Click here to find a Civic Seminarian near you. Contact taneum@citizenuniversity.us to learn if there is an upcoming Civic Saturday near you!

Read Eric Liu’s sermons from Citizen University Civic Saturdays in Seattle and around the country:

Better Hypocrites 8/10/19
St. Louis, MO

The Story of Our Roots  8/3/19
Seattle, WA

Being Responsible 4/6/19
Seattle, WA

Beyond Liberation 2/2/19
Seattle, WA

Time and Citizenship 12/8/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

Faith In Each Other 11/8/18
Los Angeles, CA

It’s A Free Country 10/20/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

The Trails and Paths of Conscience 9/29/18
Portland, ME

Reading Our Country 8/4/18
Seattle, WA

Too Busy to Love 6/23/18
Atlanta, GA

Are We Enough? 6/2/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

A Test of Our Citizenship 5/5/18
Des Moines, IA

Time Travel 4/28/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

Become America 3/31/18
Nashville, TN

Which Dream Do You Dream? 2/3/18
Seattle, WA ~ Watch here

The Citizen Artist 1/20/18
New York, NY

A Practicing Citizen 12/16/17
Seattle, WA

A Thanksgiving Recipe 11/18/17
Seattle, WA

Gratitude, Luck, Risk 10/1/17
Seattle, WA

Still More Perfect 9/16/17
New York, NY

Fear and Hoarding 6/17/17
Seattle, WA

Legitimate Doubts 5/20/17
Seattle, WA ~ Listen here

A Great Awakening 4/8/17
Seattle, WA ~ Listen here

Where Is America? 2/4/17
Seattle, WA

Alternate Realities 1/14/17
Seattle, WA

If We Can Keep It 12/17/16
Seattle, WA

Present at the Creation 11/26/16
Seattle, WA

A Divided Heart 11/12/16
Seattle, WA

Watch recordings of select Civic Saturday gatherings, filmed by Seattle Channel
Episodes here

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